Prisoners of Faith Alerts – 2015

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Prisoners of Faith Alert 115 – January 2015

Overview of Christian prisoners featured in 2014. Thank you for praying!

Prisoners of Faith Alert 116 – February 2015

Pastor Victor Bet-Tamarz, Iran

Prisoners of Faith Alert 117 – March 2015

Peter Hahn, China

Prisoners of Faith Alert 118 – April 2015

Mussie Eyob, Eritrea

Prisoners of Faith Alert 119 – May 2015

Pastor Kim KuK-gi, North Korea

Prisoners of Faith Alert 120 – June 2015

Cheng Jie, China

PLEASE NOTE: In July 2015 we changed our Prisoners of Faith procedures. We now provide information on prisoners as we receive updates on their particular situation. The Prisoners of Faith details are still circulated by email every month (sign up here to receive them) but the updates are now shown in our Advocates Zone rather than here. The Advocates Zone will always have the most up to date Prisoner Profile for that particular prisoner and we will be adding details of more prisoners as we receive them.