Prisoners of faith






In restricted nations around the world Christians face detention and torture, simply for following Jesus Christ.

In countries such as Burma, China, Eritrea, North Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam and others, Christian pastors, evangelists and ordinary believers are in prison today because of their active Christian witness.


  • being detained without trial, perhaps even tortured
  • being unable to see your family, for months, or years
  • enduring often terrible conditions

Release’s Prisoners of Faith ministry gives pastoral care and practical support to Christians imprisoned for their faith in Jesus Christ, and their families. We encourage supporters in the UK and Ireland to pray for prisoners, write letters of encouragement, campaign for their release, and give financially to support this vital work. You can download our A5 sized Prisoners of Faith flyer (right) which has more information and also includes a ‘Sign Up’ form and a Standing Order form if you would like to make a regular donation.




There are a number of ways that you can help Christians who have been imprisoned for their faith in Christ.


Sign up here to get our free Prisoners of Faith monthly email alert, which gives details of an individual Christian prisoner, with prayer points, and information to help you write letters on their behalf. (If you live outside the UK and Ireland, please send an email requesting the alert to

The alert, which is produced as an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf), is designed for display on a church noticeboard, and is ideal for use by churches, families and individuals as part of their prayer ministry. See previous alerts



Reach Out! and Speak Out!

Our free booklets Reach Out! and Speak Out! give you essential guidance on how to write letters of encouragement to individual Christian prisoners and letters to the authorities on their behalf. We know that letters such as this can have a significant impact. You can download your copy of the booklets by clicking on the images of the two booklets below.

speak_out_coverClick here to download Reach Out!



Prisoner Profiles

Download Prisoner Profiles from our Advocates Zone. These profiles will give you the latest news and contact details for each prisoner. We will keep these profiles up to date with new information as we receive it so please download the latest version whenever you wish to write.


Prisoners of Faith blog: Light in the Darkest Places

If you need inspiration to pray why not read our Prisoners of Faith blog called Light In The Darkest Places, and encourage others to join you. Sometimes praying together is a lot easier.