Eritrean appeal – October 2017

Will you help persecuted Christians


in Eritrea today?



Fikadu Debesay, a mother of three children, died a few weeks ago at Metkel Abiet – a detention camp in Eritrea.

Her crime?

She was an evangelical Christian who worshipped in a Lutheran church that is not recognised by the Eritrean government.

Fikadu and her husband were among 33 evangelicals who were arrested by the Eritrean officials in a single day earlier this year.

One morning in May security officers and representatives of the Eritrean Orthodox Church visited every home in Fikadu’s town. They told people they were verifying their food vouchers.

So, they got all the family members in one room and asked them to state whether they were Muslim, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Orthodox, Catholic or Pentecostal.

They went to Fikadu’s house too. And, when they asked her about her faith Fikadu told them that they were evangelicals. The next day the security officers returned to arrest Fikadu and her husband.

Fikadu was taken to a desert camp in Metkel Abiet, an area that is known for its extreme temperatures. She did not survive the heat and the harsh treatment women prisoners are likely to receive.

Now Fikadu is safe in the arms of the Lord.

But her distressed children and the children and families of Christian prisoners in Eritrea desperately need our help.

The persecution of Christians in Eritrea is getting worse.

The number of Christians detained in desert camps and military facilities since May has now risen to 210. Most of them were detained following raids on their homes, while a few were arrested at prayer meetings.

Like Fikadu, several Christians who have been arrested are parents, and according to local sources, over 50 children are now without one or both parents.

But, the good news is that God is strengthening and growing his church in Eritrea

Our partners in Eritrea talk about prison guards becoming Christians and others who visit prisoners having their lives changed when they witness the joy of Christian prisoners.

And, they also say that they are seeing churches grow numerically and in likeness to Jesus despite the growing persecution and suffering.

As the persecution of Christians in Eritrea intensifies our commitment is to continue to help persecuted Christians in Eritrea.

Will you help Eritrean prisoners of faith and their families by sending a gift of £20 or more to Release today?


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By sending a gift today you can enable our trusted Christian partners in Eritrea to:

  • Take food, vitamins and other medications to prisoners of faith in prisons where we are allowed;
  • Make small gifts to families of prisoners of faith, helping them to survive;
  • Help former prisoners of faith and their families to get out of Eritrea;
  • Provide for the travel, accommodation and other costs of discipleship training and pastoral visits to churches and Christians in refugee camps in Ethiopia.

I wish I could be more specific about our projects in Eritrea and how you can help but given the gravity of the situation of Christians in that country I cannot.

There is no better time to show Eritrean prisoners of faith and their families that you care for them.


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Thank you for caring for persecuted Christians in Eritrea.

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Paul Robinson

Release CEO