CAMPAIGN: Sri Lanka – STOP The Circular

CAMPAIGN 2016/2017: Sri Lanka – STOP The Circular




We will be delivering the STOP THE CIRCULAR petition to the Sri Lankan High Commission in London tomorrow 24th August 2017.

Thank you to over 13.5 thousand people who signed this petition.

Please pray that the Sri Lankan authorities will respond positively to our visit and act to repeal 2008 circular.

The petition is now closed, but please do continue to pray for Sri Lanka, her people and for the repeal of Circular 2008.



The church in Sri Lanka, which is rarely on the agenda of Christians in the UK, is under pressure as local authorities use a 2008 government circular to target churches and intimidate pastors.

It will soon be time again for Sri Lanka to be reviewed by the United Nations and we want to seize this opportunity to highlight the plight of Christians who are suffering the consequences of Circular 2008 which is used to discriminate against Christians and to close down churches and prayer meetings.

We are at a crucial point in time now to encourage the Sri Lankan Government to cancel Circular 2008‘ says Yamini Ravindran, Legal and Advocacy Coordinator of National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL). 


Watch our Campaign video Stop the Circular below:


Campaign ‘SRI LANKA – STOP THE CIRCULAR’  RESOURCESsri-lanka-prayer-special_cover

  • Special Pray Guide For Sri Lanka

Christians in Sri Lanka are under pressure as Buddhist extremists stir up opposition against them, often with the backing of local government officials. Please use this special prayer guide to pray for Sri Lanka for 31 days and stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ in this beautiful island nation.



  • Sign the STOP THE CIRCULAR petition – Download a pdf copy of the Petition here



  • Download this short (6 slide) Powerpoint Presentation which contains ‘A Prayer for Sri Lanka‘ plus topical prayer points which can be used in church meetings or prayer groups.
  • Download this prayer from a Sri Lankan Christian. Click image below to download the prayer as a pdf document. (This prayer is also available on Page 9 of the November/December 2016 issue of the release magazine (R94) which is available as a free pdf or e-mag here.)



  • If you would prefer a more simple black and white version of this prayer, click hereprayer_for_sri_lanka


  • Here’s a song written and composed by Jessie Dipper for IDOP 2016. Click below to listen to ‘Heaven’s singing joy’…



We launched this campaign on November 20, 2016 as our focus for IDOP 2016. All the information below is relevant to our campaign so please read the information below as background to the campaign.


IDOP 2016 - Stop the circular

IDOP 2016 - Stop the circular_2


You can download a copy of the STOP THE CIRCULAR petition here. Please sign the form and pass it on to your friends in your church to sign as well. We want to collect as many signatures as we can from Christians in the UK and Ireland, and to present these to the Sri Lankan High Commission in London in 2017.

Paper copies are also available  from our office by telephoning 01689 823491.

There are many ways that you could get people to sign the petition form. You could ask your church family to sign after your services, or pin a paper copy to your church notice board, or circulate them round your home groups. Whatever way you collect the signatures, please return the forms to us by April 30, 2017 at Release International PO Box 54 Orpington BR5 4RT

Please sign and share the petition to help bring an end to the source of so much suffering for Sri Lankan Christians.

On their behalf, thank you for caring and for becoming involved.