THANK YOU to everyone who took part in IDOP on Sunday, November 15. It is so important that we all – whatever our denomination – kneel together as part of the united body of Christ to pray for our brothers and sisters overseas who do not have the same freedom to do so. If the November 15 date did not fit into your church calendar then don’t worry, just pick another Sunday which is more convenient for your church family. We shall leave this IDOP webpage ‘live’ so that all the IDOP resources will remain available for you to use whenever you need them for your church’s day of prayer for the persecuted church.


Now confirmed – IDOP 2016 will be held on November 20th.

More information later, for now just make sure that you add this date to your diaries!! 

Please do get involved – it’s never been more important!


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2015idop2015-praying-girl-300px

The 2015 International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church (IDOP) takes place on Sunday, November 15 (or another date of your choice), and is a unique opportunity for you and your church to pray together – along with congregations around the UK and Ireland.

Please join one of the world’s largest prayer events and help generate a huge wave of prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters!


Promote IDOP in your church

Release and the other members of the Religious Liberty Commission have produced a short video to help you to promote IDOP in your church.


Click here or on the video image to play.


What your church needs to hear on IDOP

Nigerian Christian Habila Adamu miraculously survived a horrific shooting by the terrorist group Boko Haram.


Click here or on the video to watch or download his amazing story and hear from Release Chief Executive Paul Robinson about how Christians in the UK and Ireland should respond to the persecution of Christians around the world.




Precious Jesus, Lord of unfailing love,

Be with our brothers and sisters across the world who are suffering for Your sake. We watch and pray with them today.

Faithful friend and Saviour, You know each one of them by name. You have suffered with them, Jesus, even to death on a cross.

May those who mourn know the joy of trusting You.

May those who are in pain know Your healing and Your rest.

May those who are afraid know Your freedom and Your peace.

And, Lord, we pray that their persecutors will see Your greatness and turn to You.

For Your glory, gracious Lord. Amen.

Download new PowerPoint presentation for IDOP 2015

To help you organise a prayer event for IDOP 2015, we have produced a short PowerPoint presentation. This includes the prayer above, as well as prayer points for East Africa, Egypt and the Middle East, ideal for use during your church service, perhaps alongside one of our DVDs below.

DVDs to help you pray

We have produced a range of informative DVDs, each of which includes topical prayer requests from Christians facing persecution:


Glimmers of Hope (11 min) describes the many pressures facing Christians in Egypt today. Includes three-minute version, ideal for use in a church meeting: watch now.GoH_grey


The Gathering Storm 600dpi GREYThe Gathering Storm – Kenya (12 min) reports on how the militant group al-Shabaab is now targeting Christians in Kenya. Includes three-minute version, ideal for use in a church meeting: watch now.


The Gathering Storm – Tanzania (10 min) features the accounts of believers who are experiencing a new wave of attacks by Islamists, partly prompted by the spiritual ‘fire’ burning in a number of churches in Tanzania. Includes three-minute version, ideal for use in a church meeting: watch now.


Scattered (10 mins) reports on how Christian refugees from Iran have established a thriving church in Turkey and are reaching out to their community. Contains testimonies of church leaders who suffered imprisonment in Iran because of their faith.Scattered DVD eStore_GREY


Safe Haven? (12 mins) tells the story of Thaer and his family who fled Baghdad, Iraq, after suicide bombers targeted their church. Includes three-minute version, ideal for use in a church meeting.


Crisis Point (11 mins) describes how the continuing conflict in Nigeria is taking a devastating toll on Christian families.

These DVDs can be purchased for £5, including postage and packing, from our eStore or by calling 01689 823491.




The following prayer liturgy was written by Jenny, one of our supporters. You may like to use it as part of your service. The liturgy can be downloaded as a WORD document here.


Prayer Liturgy for persecuted Christians

Hebrews 13:3 – Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourselves were suffering.

Let us pray for prisoners of faith around the world. In a moment of silence try to imagine you are a fellow prisoner.

  • Lord, in the midst of darkness and despair, may their faith not fail.
    Lord, increase our faith.
  • Lord, in their isolation and loneliness, may they know Your presence.
    Lord, may we know your presence with us when we face difficult circumstances.
  • Lord, may they be bold and wise in sharing the good news of Jesus with their persecutors and fellow prisoners.
    Lord, spur us on in evangelism.
  • Lord, when overwhelmed with fear and doubts may they remember Your great love for them.
    Lord, help us to comprehend how vast your love for us is.
  • Lord, may their families have the courage to trust in You day by day for all their needs.
    Lord, teach us to trust you to take care of our loved ones.
  • God of miracles, may we see them freed from imprisonment.
    Lord, thank you that with You all things are possible.
  • God will strengthen them with his great power so that they will endure until the end and receive the crown of life.
    Lord, we rejoice that our citizenship and treasures are not in this world but in heaven.

Lord Jesus,
Thank you that you came to earth to show us how to love You and one another.
Strengthen us, Lord, so that we can love our persecuted sisters and brothers in ways that give them courage and renew their faith.


Scripture references:
Luke 22:32
Ephesians 6:19, 20
1 John 4:18
Psalm 56:4,11
Revelation 2:10



RLC-logoThis event is endorsed by The Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) which is an association that brings together organisations working on behalf of persecuted Christians. The current RLC members are Release International, Open Doors (UK & Ireland) and Christian Solidarity Worldwide.  Each of these organisations stand together to mark The International Day of Prayer and have a variety of resources which you can use at your event. Please use the links below to visit these other IDOP sites.

Evangelical Alliance

Open Doors

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Don’t worry if your church is unable to take part in IDOP on November 15 – please use these resources in any service that fits your church calendar better. The important thing is that we stand together to highlight the suffering of our brothers and sisters for their love of Christ around the world.