IDOP – November 20, 2016


THANK YOU to everyone who took part in IDOP on Sunday, November 20, 2016. It is so important that we all – whatever our denomination – kneel together as part of the united body of Christ to pray for our brothers and sisters overseas who do not have the same freedom to do so. If the November 20 date did not fit into your church calendar then don’t worry, just pick another Sunday which is more convenient for your church family.

This year our IDOP focus was on Sri Lanka and the date, November 20, marked the start of our 2016/17 campaign: SRI LANKA – STOP THE CIRCULAR.  All the information on our campaign page is relevant to IDOP 2016 so please use the resources for the campaign if your IDOP day is on another date instead of November 20th.

Thank you for your continuing support and for caring about our persecuted family in Sri Lanka.



IDOP 2016 - Stop the circular

IDOP 2016 - Stop the circular_2





The IDOP event is endorsed by The Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) which is an association that brings together organisations working on behalf of persecuted Christians. The current RLC members are Release International, Open Doors (UK & Ireland) and Christian Solidarity Worldwide.  Each of these organisations stand together to mark The International Day of Prayer and have a variety of resources which you can use at your event. Please use the links below to visit these other IDOP sites.

Evangelical Alliance

Open Doors

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Don’t worry if your church is unable to take part in IDOP on November 20 – please use these resources in any service that fits your church calendar better. The important thing is that we stand together to highlight the suffering of our brothers and sisters for their love of Christ around the world.