Help Iranian Christians to do amazing things for God?

There are a lot of things Mitra can’t do.

Mitra - Iran appeal May 2016

Mitra walks the streets of her city giving out scriptures to people.

But what she can do is amazing!

Mitra lives in Iran so she can’t go to church every Sunday like you can. And, she can’t worship God openly or read her Bible in a public place.

But, what she can do – in fact, what she is already doing – is sharing the Good News of Jesus with 82 people every day!

Mitra’s ministry sprang from a near tragedy when her son got very ill. And, when the doctors couldn’t find a cure, Mitra trusted the Lord for his healing.

“If you heal my son I will witness to at least 82 people every day.”

So, one day while she was praying and fasting, she said to the Lord: “If you heal my son I will witness to at least 82 people every day.”

God answered her prayer by healing her son. And, He opened hundreds of doors for Mitra to share the gospel in one of the most ‘closed’ countries in the world.

From that day on Mitra began to distribute Scriptures and talk to people she met in the streets about Jesus.

This is largely because of the remarkable support she received from a Release ministry partner who supplied her with Scriptures…. and, because of generous of friends like you, who are supporting Christians like Mitra, by sending gifts to Release and its partners in Iran.

Praise the Lord for courageous gospel workers like Mitra – with believers like her on the ground no one can restrict the work of the Lord in Iran.

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During ministry trips to Iran I have met many Christians like Mitra. They are sharing the gospel. Discipling new believers. Starting new house churches.

Cell church leaders studying scripture together

Cell church leaders studying scripture together

These men and women of God are changing the future and destiny of Iran and beyond.

But they need discipleship resources, training, pastoral care and spiritual support to sustain and grow their vital ministries in a country where Christians face harsh persecution.

Will you help these Iranian Christians to grow their ministries by giving £10 or more today?

If you have already given to our Iran appeal in response to the letter you received a few weeks ago – thank you so much for your generosity.

But, if you haven’t had a chance to give yet please do now if you can. And, here are some of the things your gift can make possible:

  • £10 can provide New Testaments or Bibles to seekers and new Christians;
  • £30 can put Christian books or CDs with Bible teaching into the hands of Iranian believers;
  • £70 can enable a house church leader to attend a discipleship training course in a neighbouring country;
  • £200 can fund a key worker to provide pastoral care to house church leaders in 40 cities in Iran;
  • £500 can help to produce resources for an online Bible college benefiting hundreds of Iranian Christians;

Your gift has the power to give Iranian house church leaders, key workers and believers the practical support, discipleship resources and the pastoral care they urgently need.

So, join hands in prayer with me and bless the wonderful ministries of our courageous Christian brothers and sisters in Iran with a precious gift.

Thank you and God bless you,

Brother Lazarus*

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* Lazarus is an Iranian believer living in the West who runs a ministry that offers pastoral training and support to Christians in Iran. His ministry, whose name we cannot mention for security reasons, is a partner of Release.

(Names have been changed to protect identities and some stock images have been used.)




Click here to download this appeal as a pdf document which you can print and give to your friends so that they can also learn more and become involved, or you could Print it and Pin it to your Church notice board and raise awareness that way.

Thank you for all your support for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Iran and from around the world!!