Release Benham Irani

Welcome to our ‘Release Behnam Irani’ page.

From here you can send an email directly to the Head of the Judiciary in Iran, His Excellency Ayatollah Sadegh Ardeshir Larijani, asking for clemency and the release for Behnam.

Please click here to send your email directly to His Excellency (just add your name and location at the end).

The text of the letter which you will be sending reads as shown below.

The ‘click here’ link above should open your email programme and automatically create an email addressed to Head of the Judiciary in Iran. If this does not happen please copy and paste the text of the letter below into your email programme and then send it to the Head of the Judiciary in Iran using the following email address: (Please remember to add your name and location at the end of the letter where shown.)

Your Excellency,

I respectfully ask you to show compassion to Behnam Irani, a church pastor in Iran who is currently imprisoned in the Karaj Ghezal Hesar prison effectively because of his religious faith.

His health is reported to be declining steadily (I understand he now has difficulty walking, is unable to see well and is suffering from a bleeding ulcer, which has caused him to lose consciousness). Unless he receives proper medical treatment soon I fear that he may die.

As a result I respectfully ask that you would show clemency and release him so that he can recover physically and once more contribute to Iranian society as a loyal citizen. Behnam, who is married with two children, desires only good for the country he loves.

Your act of compassion in releasing him will win the admiration and gratitude of many concerned individuals around the world of whom I am one.


(Your name)

(Your location)

Thankyou for supporting this campaign and for taking the time to become involved. We hope that by sending emails directly to the Head of the Iranian judicial system we will be able to raise the profile of Behnam’s case so that the Iranian authorities become aware of the strength and feeling of support for Behnam from people outside of Iran.