PAKISTAN – Only God can mend this broken heart

PAKISTAN – Only God can mend this broken heart

Imagine having to bury two of your children in the space of a month. That’s exactly what a Christian in Lahore has had to do as a result of the bomb blast at Easter.

Saleem’s daughter Annie died fr… read more

TAJIKISTAN – Bomb threat to Baptist church

TAJIKISTAN – Bomb threat to Baptist church

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the Tajik capital where a Baptist church has received anonymous bomb threats.

Release contacts say that the church in Dushanbe has received two calls fro… read more

Serving persecuted Christians

P20805Our vision is to see a world in which the whole Body of Christ understands persecution and responds prayerfully, pastorally and practically everytime a Christian is persecuted. More…

Release In The Media

Release’s Andrew Boyd speaks on Premier Radio about the pastor’s wife who was killed during a church demolition in China.

Release’s Andrew Boyd is interviewed on BBC Television News about the recent suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan.

Andrew Boyd takes part in the BBC Radio Wales’s All Things Considered programme which discussed what it means to be a Christian in China today. Listen to the programme ‘China and Religion’ on our website here.